We are a professional Engineering Design company, that offer robust turnkey solutions to support your requirements. We have a team of engineers and project managers that provide the following discipline full system design and delivery services: -

• Refrigeration
• Mechanical
• Electrical
• Controls
• Public Health


This discipline has always been core to our business, we have carried out many refrigeration design solutions for retail and food production clients over the past 30 years. This covers an array of system choices from direct expansion, to the now more popular natural refrigerant types that are more environmentally friendly.


As the refrigeration solution choices have grown, we have created a team that can also offer chilled water design where this is used as the cooling medium of a system. Refrigeration is also intrinsically linked to the HVAC aspects of a building and as such, we can supply a complete solution linking both elements.


Understanding a refrigeration systems peak demands and low connected load / ambient conditions is extremely important, to ensure that the electrical supply can achieve and support both of these ever-changing factors. We can offer electrical design to support the refrigeration and mechanical solutions.


Selecting the most suitable controls system to provide the client requirements for all engineering elements is essential, along with how alarms are managed, alerted and trigger engineer attendance to prevent stock loss and increase availability. Considering the scope and specific requirements, we can offer guidance and design optimal systems.

Public Health…

There is always a requirement for any refrigeration solution to understand and provide a method to remove the condensed water from the system. This is either carried out by taking the drainage to a mains gravity point or via a pumped or vacuum type drainage system. We can provide a design for either of these preferred options.

Oaksmere Design’s core engineering discipline is refrigeration. The European F-Gas regulations have significantly changed since 2015, leading to major reductions in the use of HFC refrigerants with high global warming potential (GWP). This is currently affecting both the availability and price of some refrigerants, with R404A being banned as a virgin material at the end of 2019 (but able to be used as reclaimed refrigerant until the end of 2029). We can offer our clients guidance on the regulations, alternative refrigerant option advice, leak checking to flag system issues and overall F-Gas compliance:-

• Awareness
• Assessment
• Auditing
• Compliance


We can offer guidance on refrigerant types and the best available products or alternative natural solutions. We have carried out extensive trials with the newer refrigerant choices and understand what system changes are required to be able to implement. With the value of certain refrigerants rising steeply and quickly together with the future availability being questioned, client awareness is important to ensure that facilities remain operational ‘in the near future’. Please contact us to discuss and we will offer our support.


We assess and technically appraise each system in detail, to evaluate if a simple retro-fit can be employed or if more major plant upgrade works are necessary. We simply require the relevant plant details and if required, surveying sites to establish details can be undertaken. The compressor, condenser and services infrastructure can be reviewed with many refrigerant options, to allow future capital planning and retro-fit programming.


Refrigerant in most legacy systems does over time unfortunately leak. Oaksmere have 3 x dedicated F-Gas audit engineers that thoroughly audit systems and establish if there are leaks and physically tag these where they are detected. We provide a report to enable the contractors to undertake any necessary repairs within an agreed timeframe, which enables the leakage rate to be minimised. Bearing in mind not only the effect on the environment, but also the recent availability and financial concerns, ensuring resolution to leaks or potential leaks as quickly as possible is in the interest of all parties.

The F-Gas Auditing service also enables a system health check and a review regarding performance and condition, as well as ensuring contractor maintenance activities are being provided to a satisfactory level and that specifications are being adhered to. It also supports future planning with the reports providing equipment condition reporting, so capital can be obtained to replace any degraded, corroded or damaged items.


As well as undertaking the F-Gas auditing function, Oaksmere provide a full compliance offer. This includes collating all contractor site details of the refrigeration systems, together with any subsequent maintenance and service reports to compile a record that documents adherence to mandatory requirements.

Oaksmere Design pride ourselves on the ability to support our clients in providing new concept ideas to save energy covering all engineering disciplines. Our team consists of various skillsets which allow us to adapt and support projects from contract management through to installation. These projects include some or all of the following services: -

• Refrigeration
• Electrical
• Controls


We have conducted many projects covering the refrigeration discipline to allow us to prove and perfect performances across the refrigeration cycle. The engineering ability within our team enables us to deliver innovative schemes utilising all available technology. The wealth of knowledge of our commissioning engineers allows us to complete projects with precision and significant financial benefits for our clients.


Having the ability to design and understand our environment, gives us the advantage to be strategic to support our client's needs. We have been involved in a diverse variety of electrical energy reduction initiatives, these include; LED, PIR and power reduction methods.


Controls are one of our specialist categories, we have a unique understanding of many control systems. We also have strong relationships with a variety of control houses, which enables new design concepts to be created and to evolve.

Having this understanding of these systems gives us the edge against our competitors and how best to maximise the energy saving. Data building is a vital part of our control proving strategy, which we pride ourselves on. Creating a database platform, which separates the essential elements into an easy read prospectus is a necessity.


We are actively pursuing energy saving opportunities for HVAC equipment. We continue to support our clients offering them solutions with replacement systems or upgrade of existing components which have a considerable reduction in energy while assisting in maintenance issues.

To enable our clients to best manage their estate, it is essential that they have an accurate and a fully populated list of all their assets. Oaksmere work with our clients to ensure that full registers are compiled for each branch ensuring all maintainable assets are recorded along with their supplier and warranty details. We provide this service by offering the following: -

• Asset tagging
• Maintain
• Virtual Tour

Asset tagging…

Following the construction of a new branch or refurbishment of an existing branch, a detailed list is compiled by the team prior to its launch. The register is created by populating the required data with the client’s asset database system for all installed equipment, which allows both branch management and maintaining contractors to raise work orders against assets which have previously been added to the register.


Oaksmere Design ensure that the lists are regularly reviewed with any new equipment added when installed as well as any redundant equipment removed when it reaches end of life. The maintenance of the database is important to ensure the data is current.

Virtual Tour…

The asset tagging service can be combined with the 360⁰ virtual tours, which create a management tool unrivalled by other services typically provided. The virtual tours can be linked to the various platforms / databases.

The CDM regulations 2015 has caused clients to consider how they deliver projects, as the responsibility is now with the client rather than a 3rd party. Therefore, robust methods of reviewing all supplier / contractor’s health and safety documentation and having key personnel on site managing the installation are extremely important. Consideration should be given to the following: -

• Requirements
• Solution
• Benefits


Oaksmere Design are called upon to act as Principal designer, Principle contractor and the Clients’ agent. Since the successful delivery of major plant replacement schemes following the new CDM regulations being enforced, Oaksmere Design are utilised to support many major equipment replacement projects. These range across disciplines to ensure that the CDM regulations are adhered to for activities where it is deemed necessary and where there is significant risk.


Oaksmere prides itself on meticulous planning and co-ordination with strong contractor management. By offering a ‘turnkey’ approach, our projects are managed in their entirety providing site logistics, customer liaison and the co-ordination of all deliveries, suppliers and contractor activities.


Oaksmere Design work collaboratively with our clients to become an extension of their team, and successfully manage the planning and delivery of each scheme. As Principal Designer we identify and manage all site risks ahead of the works commencing. With strong site presence we are able to closely plan, manage and monitor progress of each of the contractors, resolving any potential issues before impacting the project. This gives our client the reassurance that any possible delays can be dealt with in a timely manner and limit the risk of programme disruption.

Regular Progress Meetings are chaired to keep the client informed of progress. All equipment is procured on a transparent basis to suit the needs of the project. The contractors are evaluated to ensure our client is provided with the best levels of service, performance and value.

Oaksmere Design manage all schemes in a professional manner to ensure that; all of the contractors and suppliers are inducted to site, understand the specific site health and safety requirements and ensure full co-ordination.

The aim of our procurement team is to provide the best possible financial services within the purchasing and supply management sector. This is to reduce the cost by removing contractor capital mark-up being applied and to enable equipment to be procured to support programmed dates. This is delivered as follows: -

• Scope
• Management
• Support


We deal with the financial services for designated clients and their projects. Performing project monitoring and data collection to determine if a project is progressing according to the budget. We provide our clients with tailored strategic sourcing and procurement service, including; managing project schedules, raising requisitions on their financial system, thus enabling the internal client team to approve and output a purchase order and constantly running reports to review project funds. We take the stress out of purchasing for our clients, reduce costs and add value to this activity.


The management of this is dealt with centrally by our procurement and technical team. With the assistance of our project managers who have a site presence, the procurement team can manage the budget for each project with the proper understanding of what’s happening on each site, resulting in the adoption of all possible cost reductions that can be made by utilising stock product. We ensure that all necessary equipment orders are raised, tracked and able to achieve the required delivery dates. We liaise with the suppliers to understand shutdowns and holidays in global locations. We trace each project with its own procurement document together with consolidated trackers, this allows regular and accurate client reporting on financial progress.


Oaksmere currently aid a large chain British supermarket, which forms the food retail division of Britain's largest employee-owned retailer. We have helped with a range of procurement needs in various divisions from refrigeration, air-conditioning services, construction projects and even wildlife initiatives. Oaksmere strive to build relationships with our clients offering the best services and optimum outcomes.

Oaksmere Design are always looking for opportunities to improve the service we provide and enjoy working with technological advances. As such, we have invested in a number of cameras capable of capturing immersive 360º images, enabling us to create virtual tours for our clients; allowing a walkthrough experience available from any internet capable device. We incorporate information from the client’s maintenance database within the tour, allowing the user to click on any item, while on their walkthrough, to open up the corresponding Web-based maintenance data page for that item. Other useful information could be similarly embedded including; technical data, pictures and video for example.

To continually improve our service, we also have the capability to create a 3D model of the space photographed, as well as a floor plan, in addition to the walkthrough tour mode. Recent advances in the technology now allow us the option of uploading these models to the publicly accessible Google Streetview.


During the creation process image capture is important during hours of minimal movement. The interface with which the tour is controlled has become more intuitive with additional features now available. Interactive maps allow you to see where you are within the facility, colour coded nodes allow the user to see which images within the tour have clickable links embedded and which type of item they relate to.


The tours have been very well received by our clients and their maintenance departments. Tours can incorporate multiple floors, external facades and back of house areas with equal clarity and depth of information. The option to choose where you wish to be via the map or walk through the store has been commended.


One of our capturing and creation techniques allows us the ability to incorporate feedback from the end users into the interface and tours themselves. Thus, producing an excellent tool that can be personalised for each client’s individual use. Ideas that arrive after the tour creation can be included at any time.


A second option we can provide has software that has the advantage of self-creation of the walkthrough tour, needing only to have the addition of clickable links added afterwards. Although this solution is possibly not suitable for large scale operations, this method can capture smaller spaces with a lot more clarity and realism. We use this technology to specialise in specific locations in larger facilities or capture entire properties with smaller layouts.

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